5 Natural Ingredients to Beautify Your Eyes

eye tea bag

Eyes that look fresh will give a positive impression to people around the Beautiful. Meanwhile, if Beauty always comes with your eyes tired, haggard, and decorated with heavy eye bags, they are so uncomfortable approaching. One-one, may get scolded. In fact, it could not because Beauty is lack of sleep, but a lack of caring for the eye area.

Does not need too many products to beautify the area around the eyes. Natural materials can be used to create a fresh impression in a short time. Learn tips from Dr. Jeanette Jacknin, a holistic dermatologist and author of Smart Medicine for Your Skin around the materials that can be used to provide the most effective solution for the eyes:

1. Tea bag

Dip two tea bags of chamomile, green tea or black tea to a new water boiling, for 3 minutes. Afterwards, lift and store in refrigerator until cooled. Put it in the eye area and let stand for 15 minutes. Types of chamomile tea has a natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, so it can relieve redness and eye puffiness around the eyes. Meanwhile, green tea and black tea are rich in tannin and caffeine, so it can shrink swollen tissue and shrink the blood vessels.

2. Cold spoon

Soak four iron spoon in the glass of ice water. Once cooled, attach to each eye, according to the shape of the eye. As soon as the chill in the spoon is reduced, dip back into the water and replace it with another spoon that has been soaked. Repeat until the area is swollen looks better. Spoon the cold temperatures can shrink blood vessels, thereby reducing red rash and swelling in the eye area.

3. Cold milk

Pour cold milk into a small bowl, then soak two cotton balls in it. Take one at a time, squeeze a little, then stick in the eye. Once the cotton is not cold anymore, soak again and repeat until 15 minutes into the future. Like a cold spoon, milk can reduce the swelling, while the fat content in milk can cope with dry and irritated skin.

4. Cucumber slices

Cucumber slices as thick as approximately 1 cm, then put on ice to cool. Then, put over the eyes, bend the head toward the back, then relax your self for 10 minutes. Afterwards, remove the cucumber slices and wash your face with cold water. Besides being able to cope with tired eyes, cucumber also contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which is good for skin conditions.

5. Egg whites

Beat two egg whites until stiff, then apply to the areas under the eyes with the help of a brush. Allow to dry about 15 minutes, then rinse with water. Egg whites act like astringent, which can make your skin look firmer and smoother. Additionally, egg whites are also rich in vitamin B2, or riboflavin, which can help improve blood circulation in the skin.