Getting Started with a Juice Diet

juice diet

If you are looking for something new to try in your diet or just want to handle a specific issue, juice diets offer a variety of options that make them a great tool to add to your arsenal. To help you get started on a juice diet, we will go over some of the juice options, diet options, benefits, and concerns you should keep in mind.

Juice Options

You have two main options when picking out how to get the juice for your diet. The first is prepackaged mixes or drinks. These may also have supplements added into them to help with nutrient deficiencies or to help the specific goal of the diet. The second option is to acquire a juicer and the produce you need in order to make the juices. This tends to be the less expensive option in the long run, and it gives you the added benefit of being able to concoct your own juice mixtures.

What Kind of Diet?

When picking the specifics of your diet, you should keep in mind your overall goal and how long you want to stay on the diet. Juice diets are more like fasts than actual diet changes, substituting a large portion of your diet for a short period of time. Most juice fasts should last only three to four days. Typically they include a complete replacement of your food intake with juices, but you may wish to go with a more hybrid approach on your first attempt.

Benefits of a Juice Diet

The primary benefits of a juice diet vary based on the types of juice you consume over its course. For example, a diet heavy in acai berry juice will flood your body with antioxidants, helping to improve the immune system and keep you healthy.

Even doctors will prescribe cranberry juice for cleansing the body of toxins, especially in the case of issues like urinary tract infections, and a cranberry juice fast can see these detoxification results even more quickly. You can also opt for juice blends that help with weight loss, primarily doing so by shedding water weight and promoting the body’s metabolism. Other variations exist for almost any diet goal a person can think up.

Considerations of a Juice Diet

Even with the short duration of a juice fast, you should be careful when making dietary changes and consult with your primary care physician. Long term following of a juice diet can potentially result in deficiencies of certain nutrients due to the types of food that typically make up the juices, so be sure to supplement with a daily vitamin tablet if you do so.

Quench Your Health’s Thirst

While some skeptics may doubt the effects of spending time fasting on juice, the number of people who continue to use the method with results and general feelings of better health attests to the power of the diet. If you want to kick-start a weight loss regimen, help your immune system, or detoxify, then a juice diet may be the perfect way to go.