Side Effects Of Diet Soda And 5 Benefits When You Stop Drinking

diet soda

Switching from regular soda to the diet option might seem just the right healthy choice. After all saving yourself from all this sugar (33 g per can) and excess calories 140 calories cannot be wrong.

Being a conscious person who cares about her health you should have a reality check. Is this really a good decision? Have you considered what the side effects of diet soda are? There are many reasons that encourage a person to switch from sipping on a diet soda and replacing it with a healthier choice, such as fresh juice or a sugar free iced tea.

Studies that are made on diet soda are still at its early stages but there is a lot out there to suggest that artificial sweeteners used in such beverages do not carry any benefits. As a matter of fact the idea that diet soda helps you in losing weight, which is the primary reason that makes most people switch to this beverage, is just untrue. Let’s look at some of the benefits that you can get when you change your drinking habits to more healthy choices.

Benefit # 1 – Headaches disappears and you are able to concentrate more

Aspartame, the artificial sweetener which is used in diet sodas, may alter the chemicals that are found in your brain. When the brain chemicals are altered it interferes with your nerve signals and the reward system that is in your brain. This causes headaches, insomnia, and anxiety. As a matter of fact, animal studies made in 2013 showed that rats that consumed aspartame had the nerves in their cerebellum damaged which affected their motor skills.

Benefit # 2 – Your food will taste better

The artificial sweeteners used in your diet soda overwhelm the taste buds that are found inside your mouth. Being 200 times sweeter than table sugar aspartame alters the sweet buds in receptors that are found in your brains making you crave for more sugar. A study made by Colombia University Medical Center showed that when people stopped having diet soda they shifted towards healthier snacks, such as fresh fruits, instead of more sugary ones.

Benefit # 3 – You will have more control over your weight

The reason that makes people go for diet soda is to lose weight. However, as strange as it might seem letting go of this beverage might do the trick. A recent study that took place over nine years showed that people who consistently sipped diet soda had the tendency to keep their belly fat on.

A study that was recently circulated in Diabetes Care found that drinking this beverage increased what is known as metabolic disorder which causes obesity, high blood pressure, and triglycerides all of which are the culprits to diabetes.

Benefit # 4 – Your bones will be stronger

Although results are not conclusive but there is an ample amount of studies that connect diet soda to weak bones. Such beverages decrease bone density which leads to fractures.An article published at WebMD, “Soda and Osteoporosis: Is There a Connection?” suggests that the reason that soda is connected to osteoporosis is simply because people tend to substitute food that is healthy to bones, such as milk, with soda.

Benefit # 5 – More reason to lose weight

Diet soda is usually combined with low quality food, such as junk food. When you drink diet soda you are under a wrong impression that you it is fine to indulge in unhealthy food. Burgers, fries, and pizzas are the close companions to this beverage. All of these types of food are high in calories and saturated fats that make you obese and leads to a variety of serious health problems.

In this article I have pointed out some of the side effects of diet soda and the main benefits that you get when you stop drinking this kind of beverage. You should build yourself a habit of relying on healthier choices. Fresh juice, unsweetened iced tea, and even plain cold water are all as satisfying and refreshing.

Vitamins That Boost Your Metabolism


As you cross the age of 40 keeping your metabolism revving becomes a real challenge. Getting a helping hand from vitamins that boost your metabolism is a fascinating idea. Every dieter will be happy to pop up a pill or sip a hot cup of some kind of herb to shed extra weight.

This simple and effortless action will not make you lose weight such as sticking to a full blown exercise routine, never the less it can be a great aid. As always do not forget to consult your doctor before you start taking any kind of supplement, especially if you are on a prescription.


Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is one of the healthy fats that are recommended by expert nutritionists. It can be found in dairy products as well as meat.

CLA has two advantages, first it helps in building your muscles and second it burns fat. However, you should not get over excited. Those who took the maximum recommended daily allowance of 3.2 grams lost around a pound of fat each month.

The reason why this weight loss seems to be minimal is that CLA helps in gaining lean muscle, which is a good thing for your health and body composition. This buildup of muscles makes you put on extra weight, the good kind of weight. So although your net weight loss will appear not that much, your body composition will be getting a good boost.


This mineral is neglected in most healthy diets. Zinc is usually found in scallops, oysters, dark poultry meat, and beef. The consumption of these ingredients is minimized in a healthy diet which concentrates on produce and white meat. Healthy diets also are rich in other minerals such as iron, phosphorous, and calcium. These minerals minimize the absorption of Zinc.

The beauty about this mineral is that you only need small amount (11 mg daily for men and 8 mg for women). One oyster gives you 35 mg, however since you are not going to eat oysters on a daily basis you can get your recommended amount from a multivitamins.


Green tea is rich with a substance called catechin which is known to protect the stimulants in your body. The stimulants increases your cells need for activity which in turn boosts the body’s energy consumption. All this leads to increased fat burning. Studies show that drinking two cups of green tea a day helped in having a slimmer waist and decreased the body fat percentage.

Catechin is also great for dieters who want to prevent regaining the weight that they have lost. Dieting slows metabolism, which leads to gaining weight again. Catechin can help in stopping this weight regain.

It is recommended to take around 600 mg a day as a supplement, however make sure that this supplement contains caffeine. As per a study made in Cleveland Clinic catechin supplements that did not have any caffeine were not effective.


This mineral keeps the thyroid gland, which is responsible for regulating your metabolism, healthy. Though important for increasing metabolism a person does not need big amounts to get the benefit, 55 to 70 micrograms daily will do the trick.

Luckily enough this mineral is found in many of the foods that we consume regularly. Many kinds of fish such as cod, tuna, or shrimp contain fair amount of selenium. Turkey, lamb, and other plant sources such as barley, sunflower seeds, mushroom, and Brazil nuts are all rich in selenium.


When writing about the vitamins that boost your metabolism I found it important to mention creatine.

Creatine is not a vitamin. It is rather a compound that is naturally produced by our bodies. It helps in building muscles, a metabolism boosting component.

Creatine has been well known in the bodybuilding field since it helps in building more muscles mass. However given its metabolism boosting effect it can be used for any kind of sports.

Michaela C. Devries, PhD, a renowned nutritionist, mentions that muscles are the major factor in raising your resting metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn calories when you are not making any physical activity). Naturally we lose more than 40% of our muscles over age of 50, which leads to sharp decrease in our metabolism.

Creatine gives extra fuel to your cells. So when you take it before workout you will be able to do extra pulls, pushes, or whatever movement you are making. Extra reps lead to more muscle gain which in turn leads to more calories burned.

Dr. Devries recommends taking 5 mg of creatine in the morning for the period of 12 weeks as a minimum. This amount is well consumed in the body without any side effects. Combining creatine with carbohydrates leads to better consumption, mix it with your favorite fresh juice for maximum effect.

Boosting metabolism is a cornerstone of any physical workout. Cardio and weightlifting exercises together is your way to lose all the extra fat. Whenever you feel that your physical activity needs a little nudge then you can safely rely on these vitamins that boost your metabolism.

9 Magical Ways To Make Morning Sickness More Bearable

morning sickness

If you are lucky enough to be having a baby you might also be one of the estimated 50% of women who suffer from morning sickness. Sometimes this can be mild, while at other times it might feel like you are never away from the toilet bowl.

It’s pretty tough going and something men can’t understand. But there’s some good news in all of this. Morning sickness is most likely to happen in the first 3 months of the pregnancy, so you just need to get through the first 90 days. Here are some ways to help you.

Don’t jump out of bed

When you wake up in the morning you should be relaxed. Hopefully you have just awoken from a nice enjoyable sleep. The last thing you want to do is jump up as fast as you can. This can make you feel queasy at the best of times, it’s going to be a lot worse when you’re pregnant.

Don’t stuff your face

You always want to have food in your stomach. This will obviously give you energy and help prevent nauseous feelings. But at the same time you don’t want to stuff your face like you might be used to. Try to limit the portion sizes and just eat more throughout the day.

Leave some foods well alone

Don’t eat fatty or spicy foods. That might be hard if you really enjoy those types of food, but just think of all the pain you’re saving yourself from. If you get sick from eating spicy food I bet you won’t be so quick to do it again. I’m really sorry but you should also stay away from caffeine. Remain calm.

Stay away from the computer

When you’re working on the computer you might see it flicker. This will probably depend on what type of computer you have and how old it is. But it does happen. And this little flickering can cause you to become nauseous. I don’t know how that’s going to play out at work. Maybe stay off the computer as much as possible.

Always drink plenty of water

We have already talked about why caffeine is bad for you. Especially coffee because it contains a lot of caffeine, but tea also contains a little. You could try drinking decaffeinated coffee or squash. Or you could just drink plain old H20 if you think you’ll enjoy that. Just don’t start drinking lots of soda.

Get moving

It’s probably the last thing you want to be doing. Suck it up. You still have ages until the baby is due and I bet you can’t even see the lump. Start doing some physical exercise, even if it’s just going for a walk. Although you might not have the motivation it will make you feel so much better.

Eat lots of ginger

Ginger is such a great food. It’s long been said to have the ability to sooth the stomach. It’s also pretty good for relieving nauseous feelings. The best thing is, you can have ginger in everything: ginger cookies, gingerbread, ginger ale. Even take a slice of raw ginger and put it in your water.

Don’t even thing about itI know that will be tough. You will just have to toughen up. Put your game face on. Even though you might be feeling a little under the weather you shouldn’t act that way. Hold your head up high and pretend that nothing is wrong. The less attention you give it, the less it will affect you.

Wear the biggest clothes you can find

That’s one of the great things about being pregnant. You can wear the most horrible clothes you can find and it’s OK. Nobody will say anything. So you can wear some big baggy clothes that will give you plenty of room to breathe. Just don’t get too comfortable because you have to stop wearing them when the baby’s born.

Get Your Cardio in the Pool

swimming cardio

Though it’s sometimes overlooked in a world obsessed with the latest gym equipment, swimming is a stellar way to give your whole body an invigorating workout while building cardiovascular health and endurance. Whether it’s a power workout in an Olympic-size swimming pool, a refreshing dip in backyard above ground pools or a quick getaway to a lap pool, swimming is a great way to have fun, stay cool and get healthy.

Cardio Swimming Basics

The goal of a cardiovascular exercise regimen is to increase the strength and endurance of your heart. Aim for 3 to 5 cardio workouts per week, each lasting between 20 and 60 minutes. You can swim for all of your workouts or cross-train by swimming some days and using a different cardiovascular exercise, such as jogging, running or an elliptical trainer, on other days.

For maximum benefit, maintain a heart rate of 60% to 80% of your maximum heart rate, which you can find by subtracting your age from 220. You can then find your target heart rate by multiplying your maximum heart rate by 60% and 80%, and aiming for a heart rate in-between the two numbers.

Start each workout by swimming slowly for 5-10 minutes in order to warm up your muscles and gradually raise your heart rate to your target range. Swimming continuous slow freestyle laps is a great warm-up. When you reach the end of your workout, don’t stop suddenly, as a rapidly dropping heart rate can cause light-headedness or dizzy spells. Instead, cool down by spending about 5 minutes swimming slow laps to let your heart rate gradually drop below your target range.

Diffrent Strokes

There are a variety of swimming strokes you can use for an effective cardio workout. All of them will raise your heart rate and promote cardiovascular health, but varying your strokes can help you balance which muscle groups you’re exercising, as each stroke works a different set of muscles. Swimming freestyle or backstroke will work your quads and hamstrings, while the breaststroke is good for toning your inner thighs. The butterfly stroke provides an excellent ab workout, while also building lung capacity.

A basic swimming workout involves picking one stroke and swimming a certain number of laps continuously, such as 10 times back and forth. Switch strokes between sets to keep your exercise balanced. For a more interesting workout, you may want to try interval training. Alternate sets of fast laps with sets of slow laps, say five of each, then repeat with different strokes. Interval training raises your heart rate toward the top of your comfort zone during the fast laps, then gives you a chance to recover during the slow laps. This cycle builds your heart’s strength and improves recovery time.

Pool Types and Swimming Workout Equipment

Once you’ve got a pool, all you need for a good swimming workout is a swimsuit. That said, there are a few pieces of equipment that can improve your swimming experience or even help you focus your workout on different parts of your body.

A good mask or pair of goggles is helpful for keeping water out of your eyes. In a public pool, goggles will also help you keep an eye on your lane line so that you don’t veer aside and bump into other swimmers.

A kickboard is a flat piece of foam with a somewhat hydrodynamic shape. Stretch your arms out to full length and hold one end of the kickboard with both hands to keep your front afloat and practice swimming using only your legs. Using a kickboard will strengthen your legs as well as allowing you to focus on your kicking technique.

To put the focus on your arms and hands, you can use a piece of equipment called a pull buoy. A pull buoy is a piece of foam about a foot long whose ends are roughly shaped like a figure-eight. Hold the pull buoy in-between your thighs to keep your legs afloat in order to swim without kicking. Swimming with a pull buoy is a great workout for your arms.

Various styles of pool will also have an impact on how you swim. In-ground pools are usually divided into lanes marked with lines on the bottom of the pool. Lap pools are long, skinny pools that are usually only one lane wide. Swimming back and forth once is considered a lap, and public pools will usually have one or more lanes marked off for lap swimming.

Above groundpools are usually round and fairly shallow. Swim around the circumference a few times clockwise, then switch directions and swim a few times counterclockwise to keep your workout even.

Effective Stop Snoring Solutions Which Will Help You Take A Restful Night

how to stop snoring

There are lots of snorers available today that have suffered heavy losses due to snoring. Marriages are broken and relationships are going to fall, because someone snores. How badly do you think that snoring is done to you before getting angry and compare how stop snoring? Do not look at this article as “just one of those” items that you’ve got read before.

I share with you how I was finally able to find rid of snoring at home and I think it may help. Although this method will not help you, you can find so effective snoring remedies out there that have been successful to stop snoring. Yes, you might be confused about which to select, but there is no problem with trying several.

For those who don’t even know why you snore, snoring is caused not just because you were cold and catarrh and nose was blocked, it’s mainly because how a nasal cavity or tract respiratory muscles are blocked through the throat and tongue. Weight people suffer from it more. If you’re weight, then you snoring for doing this.

The throat muscles and tongue are probably thickened they relax for any blocked airway, so that you to snore. If you stop snoring being a person of weight, you must first come on; you have to do the first weighing.

If you have catarrh and manufacture you snore, a stop snoring do-it-yourself solution uses menthol rub. It is possible to rub it around onto your nose before bed. This might cause a relieve mucus that clogs the nose, supplying you with a free airway to breathe. Now let me talk about the way i could get rid of my snoring.

  • I sleep with awareness – Time passes to bed each night with the consciousness that my friend is there, prepared to pounce on me once i snore. Though it was not what the miracle, he solved the problem to awaken when I start to snore.
  • I sleep on my small side – I came across that most snore when I’m lying on my back and so i went to sleep on my small side. This has helped to create a passageway for breathing by preventing my throat muscles over-relaxation about the airways. It helped me a lot.
  • I fence against my stress – If you work too far gone at night, you can get stressed when you sleep and chances are that you snore because you will be thrown into a heavy sleep. You can avoid this by sleeping earlier.

The aforementioned were my secret and that i finally discovered that these are remedies that were recommended before for those who desire to stop snoring. You also can use these guidelines to stop your snoring. You won’t just help your roommates and partners get a good night’s rest, you too will get better rest for you.

5 Natural Ingredients to Beautify Your Eyes

eye tea bag

Eyes that look fresh will give a positive impression to people around the Beautiful. Meanwhile, if Beauty always comes with your eyes tired, haggard, and decorated with heavy eye bags, they are so uncomfortable approaching. One-one, may get scolded. In fact, it could not because Beauty is lack of sleep, but a lack of caring for the eye area.

Does not need too many products to beautify the area around the eyes. Natural materials can be used to create a fresh impression in a short time. Learn tips from Dr. Jeanette Jacknin, a holistic dermatologist and author of Smart Medicine for Your Skin around the materials that can be used to provide the most effective solution for the eyes:

1. Tea bag

Dip two tea bags of chamomile, green tea or black tea to a new water boiling, for 3 minutes. Afterwards, lift and store in refrigerator until cooled. Put it in the eye area and let stand for 15 minutes. Types of chamomile tea has a natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, so it can relieve redness and eye puffiness around the eyes. Meanwhile, green tea and black tea are rich in tannin and caffeine, so it can shrink swollen tissue and shrink the blood vessels.

2. Cold spoon

Soak four iron spoon in the glass of ice water. Once cooled, attach to each eye, according to the shape of the eye. As soon as the chill in the spoon is reduced, dip back into the water and replace it with another spoon that has been soaked. Repeat until the area is swollen looks better. Spoon the cold temperatures can shrink blood vessels, thereby reducing red rash and swelling in the eye area.

3. Cold milk

Pour cold milk into a small bowl, then soak two cotton balls in it. Take one at a time, squeeze a little, then stick in the eye. Once the cotton is not cold anymore, soak again and repeat until 15 minutes into the future. Like a cold spoon, milk can reduce the swelling, while the fat content in milk can cope with dry and irritated skin.

4. Cucumber slices

Cucumber slices as thick as approximately 1 cm, then put on ice to cool. Then, put over the eyes, bend the head toward the back, then relax your self for 10 minutes. Afterwards, remove the cucumber slices and wash your face with cold water. Besides being able to cope with tired eyes, cucumber also contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which is good for skin conditions.

5. Egg whites

Beat two egg whites until stiff, then apply to the areas under the eyes with the help of a brush. Allow to dry about 15 minutes, then rinse with water. Egg whites act like astringent, which can make your skin look firmer and smoother. Additionally, egg whites are also rich in vitamin B2, or riboflavin, which can help improve blood circulation in the skin.

Best Abdominal Exercise Tools


If you are looking for the greatest Abdominal Exercise you may desire to attempt adding a few part of a set of ab exercise equipment to your schedule. Ab equipment can assist you keep on aggravated, and assist you target core muscles you may not make active whereas doing typical crunches. As no goods will magically offer you six-pack abs, these set of ab exercise equipment can assist you to place diversity and your intention into your core strengthening schedule.

You should remember that getting wonderful abs, will take more than just workout. You should also need appropriate nutrition and a proportionate workout schedule to go with the ab workout.


Kettlebells have the size of bowling balls that are made of iron. Each of them have one looped knob on the top. Functioning with kettlebells makes available an outstanding full body and core exercises while making strength and solidity.

Medicine Balls

Medicine balls for exercises are a much loved of many people to get for the most part out of any abdominal strengthening every day schedule. For instructions on workout, you should check out the concerned Guide Picks for most excellent Ab workout.

Bosu Balance Trainer

When you use the Bosu Balance Trainer offers a complete body exercises for strength, quickness and particularly balance. You can carry out several remarkable core strengthening routines that have need of coordination for a pleasant and easy addition to any ab exercises schedule.

Balance Ball Workouts

If you possess a normal balance ball, it means you have a mini-gym at your house. A lot number of workout (particularly ab work) that you can do with this balance ball is practically limitless. You should get a first video course to learn the ABC and then go from there.

Ab Roller

The Ab Roller assists you if you have the objective to strengthen the rectus abdomens muscle at the same time as giving the support to your neck and head. The arm relaxation also allows you to relax your shoulders so that you can do usual crunches without nervous tension. Splendid for those who have the pain in neck and shoulder, or require assistance getting their ab crunch method just right.

Pull Up Bar/Chin Up Bar

The pull up workout that also called a chin up, is one of the most unnoticed workout for building upper part of the body, back and core muscles. It have need of a very simple piece of workout tool that is chin up bar. Chin up bars can be explained as free standing pieces of work out tools, or simple, door chin up bars you can buy online or at a neighboring sporting goods shop.

Ab Wheel

Ab Wheels are really helpful if you use them appropriately. This simple piece of ab work out tool is not for beginners. Its overuse at the first day can outcome in muscle discomfort if you are not cautious. Along with some basic ab work out, the ab wheel can present a comprehensive ab exercise.

Enhancing Your Natural Beauty Without Makeup

Some people don’t like the idea of wearing makeup and would rather go out rocking their natural beauty. Some people can do this because they are naturally beautiful. They don’t need to wear makeup in order to look good.

However, it isn’t so easy to walk out the door without makeup for some people. Although they don’t want to wear makeup, they don’t feel comfortable going outside without something that covers up or hides their blemishes or imperfections.

Does this sound like you? If so, then you will love the following tips because they are for people who would like to enhance their natural beauty without makeup. There are things that you can do that can help you look and feel naturally beautiful, young, confident, and healthy.

#1 Maintain a Good Hygiene

Most people don’t need to be told to maintain a good hygiene because this usually happens naturally. In order to look good without a makeup, you have to bathe and take care of your dental hygiene so that you are clean, fresh, and ready to take on the world with a beautiful smile.

#2 Take Care of Your Skin

One of the most important things to do when enhancing your natural beauty is taking care of your skin. You are not going to be able to feel confident in your own skin if your skin isn’t healthy, smooth, clean, and free of skin blemishes. One of the primary reasons why so many people wear makeup is to cover up skin blemishes like pimples, dark spots, acne, uneven skin tone, and other embarrassing skin problems.

Instead of focusing on which product can cover up your blemishes the best, focus on what you can do to address and get rid of your skin blemishes. Start with the basics. Cleanse your skin daily and make sure to use a moisturizer and toner.

Exfoliate at least twice a week and apply a good face mask every now and then. Don’t forget to use a good sunscreen if you are going to be out in the sun a lot.

Drink plenty of water and make sure that you eat nutritious foods, preferably those with high levels of Vitamin C, E, and A. Get your beauty sleep too. Certain bodily processes that are beneficial for the skin only takes place when you are sleep. Besides, a good night’s rest will leave you feeling rejuvenated each morning. Just make sure to get at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night and try to wake up around the same time each day.

#3 Get a Hairstyle That Suits Your Facial Features

Certain hair styles suit certain facial features and shapes. Try new hairstyles until you find one that compliments your facial features such as your eyes, forehead, ears, and so forth. A new hairstyle can enhance your natural beauty quite a bit so don’t be afraid to try something new with your hair.

#4 Salon or Spa Treatments

Getting treatments at a salon or spa can be very beneficial to your skin, mind, and body. Salons offer a lot of services that can enhance your natural beauty. You can get facials, massages, hair removal services, manicures, pedicures, and lots more.

Treat yourself every once in a while by enjoying some of the spa services and treatments available. If you don’t have the money to visit a salon or spa, there are always ways to enjoy salon quality services at home for a fraction of the price.

#5 Smile and Have a Positive Attitude

Some of the most beautiful people are those who smile and have a positive attitude. Some people would look so much better if they just smiled and showed a lively personality. If you watch the model competitions on television, you will see that the judges are not only looking for a beautiful face but one who also has a good personality. Enhance your natural beauty by smiling and showing your personality.

#6 Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Beauty starts from the inside out. You have to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you want to look and feel good without acne. Exercise, eat right, get the right amount of rest each day, and avoid those habits that are bad for your health and beauty.

Remember, you don’t have to be packed down in makeup in order to look beautiful. Try the above mentioned tips to enhance your natural beauty and don’t stop there. There are plenty of other ways to look good without makeup.

Getting Started with a Juice Diet

juice diet

If you are looking for something new to try in your diet or just want to handle a specific issue, juice diets offer a variety of options that make them a great tool to add to your arsenal. To help you get started on a juice diet, we will go over some of the juice options, diet options, benefits, and concerns you should keep in mind.

Juice Options

You have two main options when picking out how to get the juice for your diet. The first is prepackaged mixes or drinks. These may also have supplements added into them to help with nutrient deficiencies or to help the specific goal of the diet. The second option is to acquire a juicer and the produce you need in order to make the juices. This tends to be the less expensive option in the long run, and it gives you the added benefit of being able to concoct your own juice mixtures.

What Kind of Diet?

When picking the specifics of your diet, you should keep in mind your overall goal and how long you want to stay on the diet. Juice diets are more like fasts than actual diet changes, substituting a large portion of your diet for a short period of time. Most juice fasts should last only three to four days. Typically they include a complete replacement of your food intake with juices, but you may wish to go with a more hybrid approach on your first attempt.

Benefits of a Juice Diet

The primary benefits of a juice diet vary based on the types of juice you consume over its course. For example, a diet heavy in acai berry juice will flood your body with antioxidants, helping to improve the immune system and keep you healthy.

Even doctors will prescribe cranberry juice for cleansing the body of toxins, especially in the case of issues like urinary tract infections, and a cranberry juice fast can see these detoxification results even more quickly. You can also opt for juice blends that help with weight loss, primarily doing so by shedding water weight and promoting the body’s metabolism. Other variations exist for almost any diet goal a person can think up.

Considerations of a Juice Diet

Even with the short duration of a juice fast, you should be careful when making dietary changes and consult with your primary care physician. Long term following of a juice diet can potentially result in deficiencies of certain nutrients due to the types of food that typically make up the juices, so be sure to supplement with a daily vitamin tablet if you do so.

Quench Your Health’s Thirst

While some skeptics may doubt the effects of spending time fasting on juice, the number of people who continue to use the method with results and general feelings of better health attests to the power of the diet. If you want to kick-start a weight loss regimen, help your immune system, or detoxify, then a juice diet may be the perfect way to go. There are also pills called Phenq perte du poids which can speed process of weight loss.